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Massage Treatments at Transforming Touch  range from Eastern to Western techniques.  

Depending on your individual needs,  which may vary from session to session,   a variety of techniques may be used during a treatment.  Therefore the price is based on time,  and not the style of massage used. 

Hot Stones Massage jervis bayStyles :

Pregnancy (Post-natal and Pre-natal)
Cupping jervis bayCupping
Hot Stones
Deep Tissue
Trigger Points
sports massage jervis bayEarcandling
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage

Your privacy is respected at all times with a professional service. This is your time to relax and escape.   If you like chatting,  we'll chat. But if you prefer to relax in silence,  please feel free to do so.

Great care is taken to provide a comfortable space for you to relax and escape in. The subtle scent of Aromatherapy oils in the air  work their magic, and warm oil and towels on a cold day  all add to the experience,  enabling you to truly unwind.

A Transforming Touch Massage from Rebecca is performed with utmost focus on your needs,  taking into account your mental, emotional,  spiritual and physical state at the time.

Appointments begin promptly.  A 24 -hour cancellation notice is greatly appreciated,  thankyou.

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                                   Mobile Phone:  0405  240   016

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